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If you’ve created a website that’s not converting or is just not getting the traffic you want, you may need to optimize it for mobile devices, edit the copy, add more SEO, or make some other change. I will look at all of this and more.

✨Did you know that your website can attract leads even when you’re not actively sending people to your site?

✨Did you know that the first 15 seconds that someone is on your website is the most important?

✨Do you know what goes into having a low bounce rate ? (Or a high rate of people that stay on your site and for longer.)

✨What does your website text (called copy) say to your potential customers?


I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing, worked as a director of marketing, am a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, currently review websites for others, have assisted lots companies edit or create converting websites and funnels, and have created several of my own websites. 

I use a PC (not MAC). I usually use FireFox as the main browser, but am able to use other browsers if you have a preference. I like to test the site (a quick test) on Chrome because Chrome often causes issues when other browsers do not. Since alot of people still use the old reliable, Edge, I do a quick test on there too.

For a mobile tests, I will be using an iPhone 13 with the Safari browser as well as the mobile Chrome and mobile Firefox browsers.

As soon as you make a purchase, you will be redirected to fill out a Google Form about your website, website goals, audience, review preferences, etc.

Once I receive your order requirements, I will begin analyzing your site.

You will then receive an email with a Google Doc of your review.

Please Note: I am only able to review your site if you fill out this form. The turn-around time starts when I receive this form fully filled out.

I live in the United States and only review sites that are English. All of my reviews will be written in English.

However, I can (and do) review sites from all over the world.

If you order the third option (“Everything & More”), you will get screen recordings. You can also add on screen recordings to a lower tier but you will want to contact me to get a custom quote.

No, I do not. Amazon has rules against getting compensation, whether that’s free products or money, for reviews. Therefore, I do not review Amazon products.

Yes and No. I do not do Amazon Product Reviews.

If you are wanting a review to post on your own website or social media, I am able to do those types of reviews.

If you are looking to create backlinks, I can also do a review of your product or service and do a blog post on my site.

Depending on what you are looking for, the price varies. Please contact me and we can work out the details.

I prefer not to as I am not skilled in app making and design. However, if you are just looking for user-testing, I’ll be happy to discuss this with you. Pricing varies, depending on the test scenarios.

I do, indeed! Since most re-reviews do not require as detailed analysis, I do have a discounted rate. Basically, take the regular price listed for a new review and half it – and that’s the price!

This option is available for sites I have personally reviewed within the last 4 months. *You must reach out to me FIRST before ordering – You can email me directly at sales@busylifehealthywife.com or use my contact form here.*

Technology is constantly changing which is why I am continually researching, reading updates from big named companies and website creators, and taking courses on the most up-to-date website and marketing techniques and trends. Therefore, I am able to properly make a detailed and thorough website review.

Stop feeling stressed about your website.

Let me help you identify what’s working for you and what needs working on.

Women Nervous about websites but that can change with a website review from Busy Life Healthy Wife

The Basics

This simple review is great if you feel confident about your site, but want another opinion.
$ 40
  • Receive a 1 Page Review
  • Tested On PC and iPhone 13
  • Test Scenarios
  • Evaluates Up to 5 Pages
  • Website Speed Test
  • Turn Around Time: 2 Business Days
  • A Recording Is NOT Included


This detailed review provides you with all the essential information you need to have the most interactive site.
$ 90
  • Receive a 1-2 Page Review
  • Tested On PC and iPhone 13
  • Test Scenarios
  • Evaluates Up to 15 Pages
  • Website Speed Test
  • Turn Around Time: 4 Business Days
  • A Recording Is NOT Included

Everything & More

Discover what your potential clients are noticing first and the areas of your site that can be improved for maxium results.
$ 125
  • Receive a 1-5 Page Review
  • Tested On PC and iPhone 13
  • Video of Screen While Reviewing with Audio
  • Test Scenarios
  • Evaluates Up to 25 Pages
  • Website Speed Test
  • Turn Around Time: 7 Business Days

Still unsure if you should request a review? Don’t take my word for it, listen to what others have to say…

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