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Business Coach & Holistic Healer

Your life shouldn’t be just about making money. It should be about living a life that feels good in your soul, connecting to your tribe, feeling well to the core, and having the time and money freedom that allows you to do what you want, when you want.

Hello, I am Monica Anne

There’s one thing you need to know about me: I care deeply. I care about you and your business, even if we’ve never met. I care about the planet, nature, and all the little animals. I care about the global vibration.

And I don’t just care about all of those things. I want to make a difference. I give back when and as I can and have big plans to make a bigger impact as my business grows.

And I want to make a difference in your life and your business.

I’m a holistic healer and spiritual business coach. Our lives and our businesses aren’t composed of just one aspect and those multiple aspects aren’t separate. Everything intertwines. And that’s the approach I take in my business. I work with you to heal your body, break through mindset blocks and negative self-talk, discover how to show up online authentically, create attainable goals, and build businesses that wow your soul-aligned clients.

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Find the right program that fits your needs.
Need help finding the best program? Let’s start with a no-pressure, free consultation.

Nail Down Your Niche & Messaging

Refine your messaging to draw in your ready-to-buy, soul-aligned clients with ease within your aligned business by taking this essential business course and implementing the steps and mindset work mentioned within.

three leaves of a monstera plant with a black background with one main leaf in focus to represent focusing on one niche | Nail Down Your Niche and Messaging by Busy Life Healthy Wife

1:1 Coaching

You’re unique and so is your business. That’s why I love 1:1 sessions. Here, we can work on what you want to focus on, whether that’s working through blocks, setting up systems, tweaking your messaging, or anything else.

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Building Business That Wow: The Experience

If you’ve dreamed of building your own an aligned business & finding your place in this hectic, social media-driven world, look no further. I pull back the curtains & show you the steps to make your dream a reality.

a backlit seedling plant budding to represent a budding new business | Building businesses that wow by Busy Life Healthy Wife

Energy & Mindset Healing

Your health and wellness affects everything in your sphere, including your family, your business, your mindset, and more. Let’s ensure you’re living a full and fulfilled life.

Distance Reiki

Are you in need of mind/body healing?

By tapping into the universal energy source, I’m able to help guide your own energy to unblock chakras, ease stress and physical tension, remove mental clutter, heal past or generational trauma, and so much more.

wooden stairs leading into a brightly lit, mossy forest | distance reiki with Monica Anne

1:1 Coaching

If you’re ready to tear down walls you’ve built up, remove mental blocks, and rewire your subconscious, so you can start living a life of abundance and alignment, sign-up to work with me in a one-on-one capacity.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Why make weight loss hard?

Utilize weight loss hypnosis and a few simple guidelines to help you shed those unwanted pounds, gain back your self-confidence, and feel lighter, healthier… feel like YOU again! 

waterfall down moss covered rocks as a representation of the water and energy that flows through us | weight loss hypnosis by Busy Life Healthy Wife

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

I’ll use my connection to Source to provide you with an intuitive, oracle card reading in a topic of your choice or to answer your most burning questions. All reading are done via email.

Quick Pull

Find the answers you seek through the this three card spread with my intuitive interpretation. If you have follow-up questions, you can ask up to two additional questions. I’ll pull an additional card for each question (or ask for two cards for one question).

Purple Starry Night with Light Shining to The Sky | Oracle Card Reading by Busy Life Healthy Wife

More Info, Please

Sometimes we just want more information that just the three cards spread provides. You can choose either two initial questions or topics to get clarity on and receive a six card spread. Then, you’ll have the option to ask two follow-up questions.

3 Month Reading

If you’re like me, you like to know what’s going to happen, so that way you can prepare and make any necessary changes. That’s why I decided to offer a three month reading. You’ll get a total of nine cards (3 cards for each month). You also have the option to ask three additional questions.

Silhoutte of a tree fence and someone swinging with a purple blue starry night sky as a backdrop | Oracle Card Reading by Busy Life Healthy Wife

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Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like no matter what you do, you're not moving forward? Do you feel like you know HOW to accomplish your goals, but don't seem to be making enough progress?

That's where I come in. I can help you determine what is stopping your progress, remove blocks, and help you reach your goals.

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"I sought help from Monica when I was experiencing limiting beliefs surrounding my niche in business. She was able to help me reframe the negative into positive in just a few minutes! The perspective I gained not only uplifted me immediately, but I was able to feel confident with the niche that I chose for my business and services. I highly recommend Monica!"


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