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Hello, Goddesses!

I’d like to tell you a little about me and how and why I started this business.

I’ve always been a free spirit. I love to travel and have flexibility with my time, so it only makes sense that I decided to become an entrepreneur. Throughout college, where I obtained a bachelor’s in PR & marketing, and once I got out into the “big girl” job world, I dabbled in various business ventures – photography, crafts, blogging, drop shipping, and MLMs. All of those ventures had their strengths, but, at the end of the day, my heart wasn’t in them.

Although I’m very go with the flow, I’m also super analytical. So, how did I decide what I wanted to do? A list! I created a list of all the things I was good at, all the things I could see myself doing, and all the things that other people seemed to ask me about. And I came up with two main things – health and marketing. But I still had no idea what I was going to offer. So, I invested in myself. I took training course after training course and read article after article, just trying to figure out what to offer and how to start offering whatever it was.

owner Monica with mom brothers and brothers grandparents
The little one, running around, being carefree is me at about 3 years old.
owner Monica standing next to a Christmas display she and her team made at the call center thats supposed to look like a snow globe | Busy Life Healthy Wife
Although I loved the Christmas "snow globe" my team & I created, you can just see how unhappy I was in general.

What was I doing in the mean time (career wise)? At first, I worked as a Director of Marketing for a business to business cleaning company. I absolutely loved my job, but I didn’t get paid enough to get out on my own with my (then) fiance. I didn’t want to leave but I really needed to. I was so loyal and happy with my work and my progress, but the Universe had other plans. After about three years of me working there, the company got bought out. My position was no longer available. I worked a few odd jobs for the next eight months or so before I got a great paying job at a credit union’s call center. I quickly climbed the corporate ladder and became a coach within that sphere. I loved helping my peers, but absolutely hated the politics and having to be on the phones all the time. I felt so drained every day.

Along my journey, I discovered two key things that have changed the trajectory of my life and business – NLP and Reiki, but I took my time learning the modalities as well as a few others, like hypnosis, EFT, and TIME technique. 

And, honestly, I didn’t finish my training until I was on medical leave. Wait… Medical leave? Yep. The Universe decided that if I wasn’t going to leave that job, it would force me to leave and finally focus on creating the business of my dreams. How did it do that? I came down with a lung condition called Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia. I had to be hospitalized four times within a year’s span, have a lung biopsy, and take steroids long term. It’s still something that I deal with today, but my doctors finally know how to treat it.

The lung condition isn’t the only medical condition I have to contend with. I have had health issues since I was born. The most notable issues are Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, migraines, joint and muscle pain, and asthma. And that just scratches the surface. But I don’t let these conditions stop me, and I hope you don’t let yours stop you either. Sure, there are days where I can barely walk through the grocery store without getting winded or where I sleep 14 hours or where I physically can’t pick up something. I now listen to my body/energy and what it needs and am okay with taking days off or going slower if that’s what I need.

owner Monica Anne sitting in a hospital with a mask and oxygen | cryptogenic organizing pneumonia
black and white professional photo of the owner of busy life healthy wife

While I was still working at the call center, I began doing freelance business/marketing coaching and continued to do so, even after I went on leave. I got so many amazing results for my clients that I even shocked myself, like my client who made over $5k within a week of her website being live and the one that made a few tweaks to her Facebook profile and got her first sale after about two weeks (when she had been in business for nearly a year). Having the NLP, EFT, TIME, and hypnosis certifications assisted me in creating deeper, longer lasting shifts and results for my clients.

But I knew that I wanted to focus on more than business, marketing, and mindset. So, I began offering distance Reiki healing sessions and will soon offer weight loss hypnosis.

But something still felt off. I knew my stuff. I knew I could get results for my clients. But something still wasn’t quite right.

And that’s when I found Human Design. Now, I am NOT a Human Design expert in any form. But what Human Design did for me was that it showed me that it was totally okay that I didn’t want to show up on lives like a super extrovert that had 5 cups of coffee or message all these random people. I’m a 1/3 emotional projector, so I feel things deeply and (in business and relationships) should wait for an invitation before I talk about my products and services.

And through this, I also began trusting in the fact that my soul-aligned clients like me for me. I don’t have to worry about how I show up because they will love it, no matter what. And, if not, they’ll let me know in a respectful way. Oh, and when I found out about my astrology chart, it just reinforced all of the ways I want to show up in my life and business. Through Human Design and astrology, I felt like I was given permission to just… be me! And that’s an amazing feeling.

But, did you know, after all of that, I still wasn’t in alignment? Yep. I still had work to do. We all do. There’s always more walls to tear down and ways we can up level. What I had to work on was narrowing down my niche. I was already marketing to female entrepreneurs that were a little on the woowoo side, but I was afraid to say “spiritual entrepreneurs.” See, I grew up in southern Alabama, where the majority of people are super conservative. I’ve been spiritual since I was probably eight years old. I knew there was more to the world than just me. I felt connected to the elements and animals. I knew early on that I was an empath and that my emotions were not always my own. I got intuitive feelings and downloads. However, I didn’t begin channeling those gifts until my late teens and just kept working at it and using different tools to enhance them.

Let me tell you, as soon as I decided to let go of those old fears of judgement, and accepted my niche as “spiritual entrepreneurs,” everything else seemed to fit together in perfect alignment.

And I’d love to help you feel this way too.

owner Monica smiling next to a giant tree | spiritual business coach - Busy Life Healthy Wife
Photo by Leslie Davis Photography at https://www.lesliedavisphotography.com/

I just want to give a shout out to my hubby. While he doesn’t get the whole “coaching thing” or the “spirituality” aspects of who I am, he accepts that those are things that make me, well, me. He really is the man of my dreams. I am confident that I manifested him into my life. In high school, I created a “perfect man” checklist and he checks all the boxes! (He will be referred to as “Mr. Hubby” or Mr. Husband” throughout my content.)

We’ve been together since 2010 and met in college. We married seven years later and are stronger than ever.

But one thing continues to affect us – infertility. So, you’ll see me post about it from time to time and (hopefully) about pregnancy. We are currently going to a fertility doctor, and I just started fertility treatment. (And, of course, I’m doing lots of holistic things as well – meditations, yoni steaming, affirmations, teas, acupuncture, womb healing, etc.) Wish us luck and baby dust!

In addition to what I’ve already discussed, there are a few more things that play a big roll in my life. Family is everything to me. I am super close to my very large and very branched family. I’ve already mentioned that I love animals, but you should know that I am obsessed with cats. (We have three cats and two dogs.) I’m a writer, primarily young adult fiction, but I also have a gluten free cookbook.

I’m here to help. If you have any questions or would just like to connect, feel free to send me a message or find me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.

You mentioned “holistic,” what does that mean?
It means different things to different people, but to me it means being connected to everyone and everything…to connect with the magick of nature and life. This has two main sides. The first is believing that many of our health problems can be solved by going back to nature and by listening to our bodies. The second is the more metaphysical and mindset aspect in which the mind and spirit can be elevated and healed.

What all does Busy Life Healthy Wife offer?
Busy Life Healthy Wife is a multi-faceted business. I wanted to make a ton of free material to help my fellow spiritual business owners, wifeys, and holistic health practitioners which is why I have a myriad of blog posts and free downloads and trainings. However, I also wanted to be able to offer more. Therefore, I offer 1:1 coaching sessions and courses, as well as distance Reiki sessions, website reviews, and oracle card readings. We sometimes need extra tools and resources to succeed in health, life, and business which is why I decided to create a store where you can find many amazing products to help you on your journey to be healthier, create a positive mindset, and to have time and financial freedom.

Although I am an introvert (INFP), I love connecting with and support other like-minded individuals and businesses. Please connect with me online or via social media.

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