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Hello, beautiful ladies and handsome people. My name is Monica, and I run this site and blog. I am a holistic coach and content creator.

I guess this is the part where I tell you about me, my life, and my credentials. I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing. I am a certified health coach and utilized NLP techniques in my coaching and courses. I am also a Reiki practitioner. I have written both fiction and non-fiction books. I have around 10+ years experience coaching, mentoring, and teaching others.

Two things I am really passionate about are helping others and writing. This ends up rolling into many things as I feel like my knowledge and experience can help others succeed in health, business (including marketing), mindset shifts, and writing.

Busy Life. We live in a world where everything is go-go-go. It can be difficult to get things done when you have so much to do and always feeling like you’re in a hurry. But don’t worry because there are many techniques, productivity tips, and resources you can use to ensure your success, be productive,  and relieve stress associated with overwhelm.

Healthy. I have dealt with a long list of medical conditions ever since I was very little. I always found it frustrating that there were simple, often holistic solutions that could solve (or at least temporarily relieve) health conditions and/or symptoms. But what frustrated me the most was the fact that not all doctors are in agreement with medical information and, even more so, not all of them tell you all the information you need to know to understand your condition and know how to overcome or manage it. That is actually why I originally decided to start a health-related business. However, it has evolved into so much more…I believe it is so important for us to be healthy inside and out. I share recipes, health information and tips, as well as mindset work and spiritual guidance.

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Wife. I married the man of my dreams. (He will be reference to as “Mr. Hubby” or Mr. Husband.”) He is funny, caring, manly, and gets me in ways that other people don’t. I mean, let’s face it: I’m a bit of an odd ball.
He seems to be okay with it though. Plus, he shares my obsession with kitty
cats. =^.^= We married April 15, 2017, but we’ve been together since April 15, 2010. We’ve been through alot which has only made us stronger. Before you ask, we met in college. I’ll tell the story one day. We’ve lived together for most
of our relationship. Now that I am married, and we have a house of our own, I have to say… it’s alot different having you’re own home versus living with others (and alot more expensive). I wanted to share what I’ve learned along my home ownership and wife journey, so you will see posts in the various “My Busy Life” subsections.

As a partner, it is important to bring something to the table. For my husband and I, we want both of us to bring money and productivity into the household. I am an entrepreneur. I love coming up with many different income sources for long-term wealth. I have years of experience helping men and women start and market their businesses. With my bachelor’s degree and experience as a director of marketing for a business to business company, I know the inner workings of getting your business out there and seen. I am very passionate about helping others create their own businesses and making it flourish.

You mentioned “holistic,” what does that mean?
It means different things to different people, but to me it means being connected to everyone and everything…to connect with the magick of nature and life. This has two main sides. The first is believing that many of our health problems can be solved by going back to nature and by listening to our bodies. The second is the more metaphysical and mindset aspect in which the mind and spirit can be elevated and healed.

What all does Busy Life Healthy Wife offer?
Busy Life Healthy Wife is a multi-faceted business. I wanted to make a ton of free material to help my fellow wives, business owners, and holistic health practitioners which is why I have a myriad of blog posts and free downloads. However, I also wanted to be able to offer more. Therefore, I am now offering coaching sessions and group courses, as well as distance Reiki sessions. We sometimes need extra tools and resources to succeed in health, life, and business which is why I decided to create a store where you can find many amazing products to help you on your journey to be healthier and to have time and financial freedom.

Although I am an introvert (INFP), I love connecting with and support other like-minded individuals and businesses. Please connect with me online or via social media.

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