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Monica Anne with greenery and flowers behind her - she is the owner of Busy Life Healthy Wife | business coach for startups, reiki healing, and weightloss hypnosis

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I believe that in order for us to fully live our most aligned lives and to reach our higher selves, we can’t just focus on one area of our lives and forget the rest. That’s why I not only focus on helping you create amazing businesses, but we also work together to find balance in your life through mindset work, spirituality, and healthy habits.

I started BLHW because I wanted there to be a place for women to go to find answers about these topics easily and with support.

I understand the struggle of working in a job that you hate, having medical issues that drain you of energy, and working through years and years of negative beliefs.

But I don’t want you to take years to figure things out like I did, I want you to be able to make the changes in your life and business NOW so you can start living fully fulfilled and happy, grateful for where you came from but joyous of where you’re going.

What’s my training, you may ask? I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing, worked as a B2B director of marketing for 3 years, and consulted with countless businesses to get them small and large results. I’ve worked as a corporate mentor for the last five years, am a certified nuero-linguistic programming life and success coach, am a Reiki master, and am certified in TIME Technique, EFT/Tapping, and hypnosis.

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