Coach Monica Anne Presents the FREE Mini-Course:

10 Steps to Create Kick-Ass Live Videos

Are you ready to make a bigger impact & increase your sales through video?

  • Create LIVES that get views and engagement.
  • Discover how you can create interest and intrigue surrounding your offers.
  • Build the confidence needed to show up as a leader or expert in your field.
  • Configure the tech settings to make the most out of your videos.

Coach Monica Anne

Owner of BusyLife Healthy Wife, Holisitc Healer, Writer, & Spiritual Business Coach "I help spiritual entrepreneurs break through fear to create consistent $5k/months."

Just Imagine...

  • You're getting comment after comment and like after like on your videos which, in turns, increases your viewership.
  • You feel excited and pumped to go live because you know how to present your information in the BEST way.
  • Your soul-aligned clients are clicking your links, signing up for your services, and DMing you because their super excited to purchase from you and connect with you further.
  • You have a smooth, effortless LIVE with little to no tech issues (unless it's Mercury retrograde).
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