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Why do people get a Reiki healing session?

While Reiki should not be used as a replacement for medical conditions, many people opt to have Reiki sessions can help with SO many different areas of your life. Because literally everything has energy (curious on the science – look up Quantum Physics), Reiki healing sessions encompass so much!

A session can be used to:

  • Assist in the healing of physical or mental ailments
  • Ease arguments
  • Clear the body of toxins and of mental clutter
  • Transcend time and space to remedy from familial and past live trauma
  • Improve weight loss results
  • Facilitate blocked grieving
  • Help process other emotions
  • Create balance
  • Bring clarity to career paths and indecision
  • Heal past traumas
  • Remove mental and chi blocks
  • Ease them to sleep
  • Support the immune system
  • Aid in manifesting
  • Heal deep imbalances
  • Accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities
  • And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Reiki is a holistic, energy healing technique. The name really says it all: it’s composed of the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). During a reiki session, the practitioner communicates with your life energy, encouraging it to heal physical, mental, and emotional injuries.

While most Reiki sessions are in person, distance Reiki sessions can be just as effective. In order to have a successful Reiki session, please eat clean for two days prior to the session, avoiding fried, fatty, or overly sugary foods. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

 I am a certified Reiki Master and a certified NLP Practitioner.

Yes, I do need just a few things. To connect with the your energy, I will need your real name, and the state or country you reside. I prefer to also have a current, no-filtered photograph, taken within the last month. You will have the option to upload/fill out this information via a Google Form after you complete your purchase.

Absolutely! There are many facets to it. I’m happy to share.

    • I go to my sacred Reiki spot, where I have gemstones, elemental representations, extra candles, my Reiki sheet, etc.
    • To connect with your energy, I pull up your name and photo that you will have submitted and ask the Universal Life Force, itself, and my Reiki guides for assistance.
    • To focus my channeling, I use a printed sheet (pictured) with an outline of a person as well as chakra stones which I place on each chakra area. I write your name at the top of this page and use it to write down anything that I noticed and any messages or downloads I receive. If you wanted me to focus on something specific, I will write that down as well.

top of sun painted cabinet with ornate lamp, candles, gemstones, and a reiki healing sheet with an outline of a person and the sections name, focus, and notes. On top of the outline, there are gemstones with the chakra symbols

  • After meditating and feeling into your energy, I clear your aura.
  • Then, I guide your own energy to heal anything that needs to be healed, unblock anything that needs to be unblock, and release anything that needs to be released. Keep in mind that Reiki extends time and space.
  • Initially, I work with each chakra then move on to the entire body, front and back.
  • If there are any particular areas you want me to focus on, I’ll go back through and focus your energy on those areas. Depending on the context or urgency, I may focus on those areas first.
  • I’ll then clear your aura one more time.
  • I’ll ask the Universal Life Force, Reiki, one more time to assist you in any way that you need assistance and to continue assisting you even after the session has ended.
  • Finally, I’ll show gratitude for Reiki and its ability to heal, and close the session.
  • Shortly after the session has concluded, I’ll send you an email with a photograph of the session and a write up of anything that I sensed, downloads, and received messages.

If you can, try to eat more clean (no or limited processed foods, fried foods, etc) and drink water a day or two ahead of time. Keep an open mind and be willing to receive the natural energy shifts awaiting you. Although Reiki energy will go to where it is needed, you may want to consider what you want healed.

Every time I get Reiki healings or attunements, I feel very relaxed and often fall asleep. When I awake or come out of the relaxed state, I am calmer, clearer mentally, and feel like I can conquer the world.

No. Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medicine. You may always use Reiki in addition to traditional (or non-traditional) medicine.

Everyone experiences Reiki sessions differently. Here are some common experiences clients have:

  • Mental Releases
    – You may be reminded of old thoughts or memories.
    – You may become suddenly inspired and/or creative.

  • Emotional Releases
    – You could experience new, existing, or old emotions at varying degrees.
    – You may feel the desire to cry, yell, or share joy.

  • Physical Releases
    – You may experience a variety of physical releases, such as  congestion, soft trembling, nausea, ringing in ears, flu-like symptoms, etc.
    – You may feel very tired and relaxed and could drift off to sleep.
    -If you do feel these things, they are normally very mild and will go away within a few hours but up to 48 hours.

  • Releases into your outer world
    – Once your energy has been cleared and unblocked, you may able to observe changes in your environment.
    – Occasionally, electronics, animals, and even people may interact with you in a slightly different manner.

You will have shifted deep energies and, therefore, increased your vibrational frequency of your entire being. This can affect external and internal forces.

If you have questions, feel free to email Monica at reiki@busylifehealthywife.com. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

What My Clients Are Saying:

raving testimonial about how a distance reiki session hhelped a client have more self confidence and self love- text in a white box with a blue space background | Busy Life Healthy Wife | Holistic Healer
Testimonial from a Client typed up with a white background that is on a picture of sun beaming through a field | Busy Life Healthy Wife | Distance Reiki
Disclaimer: While many people find benefits in reiki healings, Reiki is not recognized as a medical or healing practice. Therefore, it is not to be used as a medical diagnoses or treatment.

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