Building Businesses That WOW

The Last Course You'll Need For Your Business.
  • Are you tired of taking course after course, only to not be any further along in your business?
  • Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with all the information out there?
  • Do you have trouble deciding what to do next?
  • Are you beginning  to doubt your success?
No more. Break the cycle of being stuck, and start making real progress in your business.
Building Businesses That WOW is the last business course you’ll need to start seeing positive growth and generate profits.
It’s jammed-packed with all the information I wish I would have known at the very beginning of my business journey.
From the essentials of starting a business, product development and marketing, website design and social media, to mindset work, this course has it all!
You’ve got big plans, big dreams.
And I believe those dreams!
I just know that your business idea is a great one.
And that you’re going to go far.
I believe in you and you’re success!
And I can help you make your dreams a reality!
By the end of this course, you’ll have:
  • A social media presence that stands out;
  • Essential knowledge about starting, maintaining, and expanding a business;
  • Website design that is beautiful, user-friendly, and inviting;
  • A clear understanding of your brand and your business;
  • A marketing plan that outlines exactly what you need to do to debut your brand and your products;
  • A nearly irresistible product or service that client’s are willing to pay top-dollar for;
  • And more transformational skills and techniques.
You will also be able to work on and ultimately have a positive mindset on money, business, and success.
In other words, you will have built a business that WOWs!

Your Business Deserves The Best!

And it can have just that...
Available now for $2222.

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But, what is a business that WOWs?
A business that WOWs is a business, regardless of the niche, that…
  • Offers products and services that customers want;
  • Has a social media and web presence that stands out;
  • Is making a difference in the world and to those around us; 
  • Utilizes the “like, know, and trust factor” to build relationships that result in lifelong customers;
  • Has the necessary tools, like email sequences, freebies, payment portals, and more, to succeed;
  • Is making money hand over fist; And is, simply, the business you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve that (until now).

Who am I?

My name is Monica.I’m a certified life and success coach and hypnosis and reiki practitioner. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in PR and Marketing. I’ve worked almost every aspect of business – every thing from front end employee and call center worker to accounts payable/receivable to director of marketing among others. For years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs focus their passions and find the resources they need to build their successful businesses.

I am married to a wonderful man and have three cats and one pupper. I’m an introvert but can flex to extroversion as needed.

I have been teaching, mentoring, and training others for was long as I can remember. I enjoy seeing others reach their goals and exceed their own expectations. I’d love to help you on your journey as well.

While I still help entrepreneurs one-on-one, courses allow me to reach more people and make a bigger impact overall.

Monica Anne Owner of Busy Life Healthy Wife with Flower Backgraound

Want more details?

  • This is a 10 week, intensive course with
    • 8 weeks of course material
    • And 2 weeks dedicated to implementation
    • …totaling 10 weeks.
  • Course modules:
    • Each week’s module will release on the Sunday of that week.
      • For example, Week 1’s modules will be available May 30 th, but no other week’s modules will be available.
      • On May 30th, you will have access to Week 1 and Week 2 modules.
      • And so on…
      • Note: Dates listed may vary as I offer this course several times a year.
    • It is preferable that you follow the course schedule, but you will have lifetime access to the content.
    • The modules will focus on:
      • Week 1: The Essentials to Creating and Maintaining A Businesses
      • Week 2: Why and Why Not + Mindset Work
      • Week 3: Branding
      • Week 4: Implementation Week One
      • Week 5: Stand-Out Products and Services
      • Week 6: Website and Store
      • Week 7: Implementation Week Two
      • Week 8: Blog and Social Media
      • Week 9: Marketing
      • Week 10: Goal Setting
      • Note: Implementation weeks are subject to change if the need arises, but you will be notified well in advanced.
  • There will be a course-specific Facebook Group for you to connect with other in the course and to reach out to me.
  • Everyone will start the course at the same time – May 30 th
  • During the course, I will be going live every week (including implementation weeks) either on Zoom or on Facebook to do additional techniques, go over information not discussed in the course, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be receiving an information binder in the mail, full of course facts and guidance, detailing the particulars. There will be an added video that will of go over what’s in the binder.
  • You will be getting a beautiful goal setting guide (mailed).
  • You will have lifetime access to a brand bible Trello board.
  • Voxer support for 3 months.
  • And more!

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What Others Have to Say:

"I sought help from Monica when I was experiencing limiting beliefs surrounding my niche in business. She was able to help me reframe the negative into positive in just a few minutes! The perspective I gained not only uplifted me immediately, but I was able to feel confident with the niche that I chose for my business and services. I highly recommend Monica."
"Monica was able to help me come out with strategy to help me reach my ideal audience. She provided me with a step-by-step plan and elaborated on how I can follow the plan. I definitely recommended her!"
"Monica was an absolutely joy to work with! She is extremely creative, encouraging, intelligent, optimistic, and helpful. Monica played a vital roll in the process of writing my children's book. She took the idea of what I wanted to write about and helped me make it come to life. I would highly recommend her. 🙂 "
You’re ready to build a business that wows & inspires, aren’t you? Then sign up today for Building Businesses That Wow.
Be the positive change. Let’s make a difference in the lives of those around us and of our clients.
You deserve to invest in yourself and your business.  One only knows all the good you can achieve. Why not start the process today?

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