My Review of The Mighty Fix

In an attempt to be more “green,” I began searching for companies that offered cleaner, more sustainable products. There were a few companies that I was so excited about but fell short in either price or quality. The Mighty Fix is not one of those.

According to their website, the MightyNest launched back in 2009. It all started because of one man wanting to do what he could to protect his family. Back in 2005, his wife was pregnant with their first child. This is when they realized how many harmful chemicals were in, well, everything! They set out to learn all they could about everyday, household items and the impact that have on not only them but the world.

The MightyNest is on a mission “to make healthy, green living simple and sustainable.”

On their website, you’ll see a variety of green, healthy products, ranging in categories from pets and children to kitchen and household. In addition to what you can purchase individually, you can also signup for their subscription service, the MightyFix. “Each month [they’ll] introduce you to a new full-sized product that’s non-toxic and sustainable, so you can make a healthy green change at home. ” And the best part? It’s only $11.83/month, even in this crazy economy.

I’ve been getting shipments of their products for over a year now. And, every month, I am beyond surprised at how useful and creative they are. This is why I fully recommend this company (and their subscription service). And, apparently, others do too as the MightyFix has been sent out over 3 million times (and counting)!

Sometimes, I already have the product they sent out. In which case, I’ll either use it as a back-up or I’ll give it to someone else as a gift. Occasionally, I’ll be sent something that I’ve never even seen before, like the time I was sent “The Original Spaghetti Scrub” which is a cleaning tool for cast iron skillets. Although that’s the case, I often find that I receive items that I had been wanting to buy any ways, like reusable silicone bags and cloth container covers.

But why just take my word for it? Below, you’ll see some videos and photos of some of the products I’ve received.

Bamboo Cleaning Brushes

bristle side down bamboo cleaning brushes | mightfix review by busy life healthy wife
bristle side up bamboo cleaning brushes | MightyFix review by Busy Life Healthy Wife

Metal Straws

Charcoal Bag

Have you tried the MightyFix subscription?  If so, tell me what you thought in the comments.


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