How My Husband & I Won $1000 by Using the Law of Attraction

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How to attract $1000 through law of attraction | Busy Life Healthy Wife

On occasion, I will pick up scratch off tickets and lotto tickets because you can’t win if you don’t play, right? Plus, in my state it helps support the schools and allows children to go to college using the Bright Futures scholarship. (I didn’t live in the state during my high school years, so I was ineligible.) Not to mention, the Florida Lottery and their retailers make it so accessible. You can buy them almost anywhere now: gas stations, convenience stores, Walmart, Publix, and the list goes on and on. If you don’t like that rude glare the cashier gives you when you buy tickets (probably because they wish they could win and not you), then forget them! In most bigger grocery stores, they have machines that accept cash only and do not give back change but allow you to buy tickets and scratch offs. For specialized tickets, it does seem like you will need to go to a cashier. While some states allow you to play online, Florida does not allow that for first time play but does sometimes have second chance drawings.

The night we won $1000 from a scratch off, we had gone grocery shopping and picked up scratch offs like we sometimes do for fun. My husband Casey was preparing to play XBox One with his friends while I was preparing my mind. I just knew tonight we were going to win – something. I kept telling myself. “We’re going to win We’re going to win.” But that wasn’t enough, I believed it completely.

I had been preparing to use the Law of Attraction for a while and wanted to test it out. I decided that I would have some additional resources in case just saying it wasn’t enough. You know how people hand children a “magick jacket” that gives them confidence. Well, I thought my tools would kind of do the same thing but would help me with my LOA.

What did I use?

I bought two gold lucky money cats. They were small so I put one on the bookshelf in the living room and the other on the window sill in my office. (We now have money cats galore but we are also cat people, so it just goes with the house…I suppose.)

Green is usually known as a lucky color, so I thought, “Mmmm. Why don’t I get some green candles?” At first, I was just going to get candles from the dollar store, but then I wondered if Amazon had some green money candles and they did. I bought three different ones because I couldn’t be sure which one would work or if all three would. Two of the three came with something to say which just seemed to help my LOA. Since the third one didn’t, I made up something that rhymed. (Since my husband was there, I said it in my head.)

What did the candles say?

Candle #1

“May prosperity flow freely through my life,
I sense a natural attraction to
wealth and its comforts.
Let me embrace prosperity in all forms.”

Candle #2

“I open the path to
wealth without end.
The money I need
the universe will send.
Bills will be paid,
my coffers overflow,
my worries released,
my wealth will grow.
My own blocks
be they from spirit or mind,
no longer hamper, no longer bind.
Harming none & helping all is how it
shall be, this I make true 3x3x3.”

Candle # 3

By this point, Casey was getting pretty anxious to scratch these off so he could see if we won and so he could go ahead and play video games. (I kept telling him to “just wait another few minutes” and that I “wouldn’t be much longer.”) I can’t recall the exact phrasing but I know that I took a little piece of the previous two, made it rhyme or at least have a good rhythm (as best I could), and tailored it to me. I’ll give you an example of something you can use.

“I am grateful.
I am worthy of the gifts I receive.
By lending a hand, an ear, a heart to those who need it most, I am forever faithful.
I know I will reach all that I achieve.

I am overflowing with abundance.
I’ve got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.

I will push past my hurdles.
I’m determined and strong.
I am moving past my struggles.
I’m going to let happiness, kindness, and wealth become my theme song.”

*So, I never said that I was a poet, but I’m sure this will work as long as you have faith it will work.

As soon as I was lighting this last candle, I told Casey to get ready. As I was saying the chant that I originally created in my head, he asked if I was ready, I told him not yet. “Okay, go!” I gleefully said as I lit the last candle. I hadn’t even put the lighter down yet before he was telling going through the how much he had won. It wasn’t like $1000 all at once. It had the build-up factor which was pretty exciting. There were two numbers 18 and 14. The number 14 had four boxes with $100 under them. 14 also had four boxes with $20 under them. The number 18 had one box with $20, one box with $400, and a bonus box at $100. That totaled out to $1000 exactly!

Because of the amount, we actually had to go to a lottery district offices but luckily there is one not too far from us.

How to attract $1000 through law of attraction | Busy Life Healthy Wife

Do you have a Law of Attraction story? You just read my family’s. I would love to write an article about your family’s story. If you prefer to do a video that you’d like to share, I can add it to one of my posts. Please contact me with details.


4 thoughts on “How My Husband & I Won $1000 by Using the Law of Attraction”

    1. Nothing specific – just going out to eat and little things we wanted at the time. My grandmother always tells me when I get money as a gift or a winning to “spend it on yourself,” and that’s what I told my hubby that we had to do. 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the different ways you used to attract the money, and I can imagine you had fun putting it all together. So it wasn’t just winning the money but also the fun journey you had on the way!

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