5 Quick & Easy Facebook Hacks to Grow Your Business

Love it or hate it, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) is still a huge player in the online business and marketing space. And, look, I get not wanting to put yourself out there to strangers. However, your goal shouldn’t be to convince strangers to buy your products. What?!

Yeah, that’s right. When you create connections and show up authentically, you get to know your customers and potential customers. It becomes so much more than a transactional relationship. 

But that’s not what I’m going to talk to you today, but I will talk about it eventually on here.

So, in order to give people the opportunity to know who you are and what you offer, even before you’ve created that energetic relationship, is to implement these 5 quick and easy Facebook hacks.

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Change your banner photo on your personal and business page. You’ll want to head over to Canva or even pay someone, like on Fiverr, and create a Facebook cover photo that does one of these three things: 1. expresses your “I help” statement, 2. briefly explains your current offer, or 3. invites people to join your group. Why? So the people you meet in groups or add as friends will instantly know what you do/offer when they go to your profile – which they will.

I suggest also adding a photo of yourself to the banner/cover photo, so people will associate your offer, “I help” statement, or group with you. 

Important Addition: Don’t forget to add a caption with the details of your offer and/or the link to buy or the link to your group. Your cover photo will become a post on your wall as well. Facebook has a tendency to not like external links, so try putting the link as a comment. They also try to restrict sales posts, so avoid using currency tags, like the dollar sign. Instead, use “USD” or “Euro” or whatever currency you use.

FYI: Keep in mind that depending on the device, some of your cover photo will be cut off. You’ll want to play around with where the text and images are and feel into what works best for your personal preference.


Facebook banner cover with green geode background with date and times for create content that sells with a picture of Coach Monica Anne | Spiritual Business Coach
Facebook banner cover with geode background with a photo of Coach Monica Anne and the statement "I support frustrated, spiritual entrepreneurs to breakthrough fear in order to create $5k/months in their aligned businesses." | coaching for spiritual businesses
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Bio description. Similarly to the cover photo, you’ll want to have your short bio description to either have your “I help” statement, info about your group, or a short statement about your offer or freebie.

Make sure you add how they can purchase or access whatever it is. You can insert your link or write “DM for details” or anything else that provides potential clients with a next step.

Facebook profile short bio
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Link your business page – If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you totally should! While Facebook doesn’t promote business page posts like they used to, it can serve as a showcase for your business and provide a little bit of added authority.

On your profile, you’re able to edit your work/career. When you do that, you can choose the PLACE of employment. In which case, a search bar will show up and you can type in the name of your business page. By selecting this option, you allow for a clickable link.

See the below video on how to do this.

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Create public posts. As I previously mentioned, when you are interacting with people online, and especially in groups, they’ll often head over to your Facebook profile and check you out. This includes your posts.

But, remember, if they aren’t public, only friends can see them, and alot of people are selective on who they want to be their friends.

When you make posts that are public, you’ll want to create a mix between value posts, promotional posts, and posts that just show off your personality and interests.

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Pin a post. You will want to create a public post that either showcases who you are or offers something. A free resource, group, etc is usually better here.

Once you’ve created it, tap on the three dots in the corner of the post and select “pin.”

Confused? Don’t worry – I have a video.

Did you know that you can also pin posts in your group and on your business page?

These are just my top 5 tips to grow your business, but there are always so many things you can do to get your business out there. I’ll be creating more blog posts on marketing your business, Facebook for business, etc. So, keep an eye out for those posts (or search the appropriate categories).

Nail Down Your Niche and Message words with a black background with dot stars and an outline of a woman with chakras and holding up a moon, expressing alignment

All of these tips are great, but only if you have refined your messaging to ensure it draws in your soul-aligned clients and inspires them to work with you.

That’s why I’ve created a copywriting and marketing course (that’s the words you use) for spiritual entrepreneurs / woopreneurs to help you with this specifically.

I’d love your feedback. If you have used any of the above tips and seen a difference in your reach and sales or you have a totally new tip, comment below.

As always, I hope that you have a beautiful day filled with joy, success, and abundance.

With Love & Light,
✨Coach Monica✨
Spiritual Business Coach
Holistic Healer


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